Call Pilotprojekt für den Kultur- und Kreativsektor - "Learning and Innovation"

Hintergrund und Ziele des Calls laut Richtlinien: "The 2019 Annual Work Programme for the implementation of the Pilot Project ‘Finance, Learning, Innovation and Patenting for Cultural and Creative Industries (FLIP for CCIs)’ foresees the launch of a call for proposals.

This action follows a first phase of the pilot project (call for proposals EAC/S11/2018), which is currently ongoing. Since areas one (Finance) and four (Patenting) have been covered extensively already in the first phase, this second phase of the pilot project will focus on areas two (Learning) and three (Innovation).

One of the pillars of the European Framework for Action on Cultural Heritage, launched by the European Commission to ensure the legacy of the European Year beyond 2018, is “boosting skills in cultural heritage professions”. Actions should support the initial and continuing development of qualified professionals and the improvement in knowledge management and knowledge transfer in the cultural heritage sector, at the same time linking them to CCIs and regional policies.

The main objective of the FLIP for CCIs-2 project is to explore activities which aim to bridge the gap between on the one hand, cultural heritage education and skills development and on the other hand the labour market, and to encourage in particular connections with creative industries and ‘third places’ such as creative hubs, maker spaces, fablabs, cultural centers, community centers or other."

Es wird EIN Projekt gefördert.

Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 12. August 2019.

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